Online Drum Track Recording Studio


$99 to have Sam Varon create  online drum tracks. First song only…

Package includes:

  • One revision at No Charge
  • Songs up to 4 minutes – $149.
  • Songs over 4 minutes – $179
  • Custom online drum tracks up to 5 minutes long (Stereo Mix)
    • 11 Processed source tracks: (+$49)
  • Additional modifications are $25 each
  • Complete retake: $99
  • Ready in 72 hours or less
  • Use the performance royalty free.

How to order Online Drum tracks

How Can You Order Your Online Drum Tracks?

I provide an easy and convenient process for you to get custom online drum tracks.

1. Get in Touch

Please email me about what you need, and I’ll gladly provide a quote.

2. Send the Song in a WAV File

Please ensure that the WAV file either has a click track or the computerized drums are on their own separated track, preferably with a one-measure lead-in. All WAV files need to go to via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

3. Let Me Create Your Custom Drum Tracks

I ensure fast recording and delivery with a 48-hour turnaround.

4. Approve the Session

I will send you drum tracks in a WAV file so that you can comment on and approve them. If you request revisions, I provide one drum track revision at no charge.

5. Receive Your Files

Once you are satisfied with your drum tracks, I will provide you with a PayPal invoice. Once I receive payment, I will send you a DropBox or WeTransfer link for downloading the drum tracks.

Drum Tracks



How long does the process take

Within 72 hours. When the order is placed, and the files are sent to me, you will have an ‘Approval Track’ to listen to.

How much does it cost

$149 per song up to 5 minutes long. If longer, $179 per song.

What Sample and Bit Rate will be used

All tracks are at 24-bit rate and a sample rate of 48k (unless  otherwise specified).

Will I be able to make comments after the first approval track is sent

Absolutely… so, once the Online Drum Tracks are recorded, you will review WAV an Approval track. Make all of the comments necessary so that the final track is exactly what you are looking for. The first retake is FREE and additional retakes would be additional. Please inquire for the rate.

How should I send the files

Send the file via WeTransfer (FREE up to 2GB) or DropBox to

How to I pay for the tracks once approved

When you approve the tracks, you will receive a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received, the  final STEM FILE tracks will be sent to you via WeTransfer.

Will I be able to discuss with you what I want and make comments before the recording process begins

Absolutely. Your guidance will help give you exactly what you are looking for. Often times there are many  perspectives on how the song should sound. So, the only perspective that matters is yours. It’s your song, so let’s get it the way YOU want it.

What format do I send my files to you

Send a WAV file of the song and the Click (computer drums) track separately. So, DO NOT send the Click track embedded in one WAV file and a 2 measure lead in would be preferred. Alternatively, send the BPM ( Beats per Minute ) and we will embed the click track on our end.

Should my song have a click track

If it all possible yes, and it can also be a computer drum, drum loop, etc. track. It does not necessarily have to be a ‘Click’. If there is no Click track, send me the file anyway and I will tell you if the tempo is solid enough to have the outcome we all want.

How many tracks are recorded

11 tracks are recorded;  Kick, 3 rack toms, floor tom, hi hat, (2) mics on the snare and (2) overheads, and a track for the Yamaha EAD 10 drum trigger

Will I get back processed tracks

The Online Drum Tracks   will be clean tracks with no processing. Processed tracks will be at an additional fee. Please inquire for additional fees.

Once I pay for the song, how are the tracks sent to me

Once paid, you will get 11 stem files in either a WAV file format or AIFF, or both if you wish

Is there an additional cost for a retake

The first retake is FREE and any additional full retakes would be at an additional cost. See Pricing on the website.

What if I am not happy with the approval track

If you are not satisfied with the approval track, there are a few options:

  • The entire take is done over
  • Certain sections of the take are redone
  • The project is abandoned, but  remember you only pay for what you are happy with and approve before the final stem files are released to you

Is there a free demo track provided before we hire you to do record our song

Not exactly, but remember if you are not satisfied with the online drum track, you don’t pay for it.

Do I have to pay anything up front

No. You only pay once you approve the approval track

Do you provide any mastering options

Yes, please see the  pricing on the website.

Once I pay for the files are they mine to use royalty free

Yes. Once you pay for them, they are yours to do what you want with them. It would be appreciated if  you credit Sam Varon as the drummer in any liner notes, etc. for the song.

Am I obligated to credit you for playing the drum tracks

No, you are not… it would be greatly appreciated though.

What is the method of payment that you accept

Payment is made through PayPal. They accept most major credit cards.