SAM VARON – online studio drummer

Sam will customize a drum track specifically for you and for your project.


Sam Varon, Professional  Drummer

I have been a professional drummer for over 40 years…
Throughout the years as an online studio drummer I  have developed a very wide and varied drum  facility in all styles of music. Especially, pop, rock, fusion, funk, R&B, soul and jazz. So, if any one of these styles are a fit for your project or group, I look forward adding my drums to our project.

Sam Varon, Online Studio  Drummer

As an online studio drummer  on your project, I create  live drum tracks that are specific for your song and project. It is not about me, it is about you. Over the years as a professional  studio drummer,  I have developed a style that is unique, yet very supportive,  to the song,  the artists needs and intentions for the song. Check out Sam Varon on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Sam Varon, Live Performer

As a live performer it is about being the foundation and support for the artist.  So, for over 35 years as a Live Performer I have strived to live up to that philosophy and it carries over into my studio performance on my clients projects.